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In the News

– Immigration Reform News: SCOTUS Takes No Action On Obama’s Proposal to Expand DACA

– Supreme Court’s next religious case to weigh prisoner’s beard length

– Ruth Bader Ginsburg celebrated her 20th anniversary as a Supreme Court justice in August.

– ACLU, other advocacy groups say ‘non-content’ surveillance of phone, email and social networking activity is an invasion of privacy


– The (Almost) Lost Speech of Justice Anthony Kennedy — How his insightful remarks about the Constitution inadvertently make the case for a Supreme Court “media pool”

– Justice Ginsburg discusses the Roberts Court, retirement, and more in a rare interview with the New York Times.


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In Focus

– The ABA Commission on Law and Aging examines a wide range of legal issues affecting older persons.

– Founded in 1878, the American Bar Association is committed to supporting the legal profession with practical resources for legal professionals while improving the administration of justice, accrediting law schools, establishing model ethical codes, and more.