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Making parents responsible for their teenage children’s behavior??

Many crimes are caused by teenage children. Despite this, most countries do not hold parents responsible & the laws are lenient about this. This essay discusses whether parents should be held responsible or not for such behavior.

There are a lot of reasons why parents should not be held responsible. First, parents work full time and cannot watch their children 24/7. Often both parents work & once children are able to take care of themselves, they are left to their own devices.

Another reason is that influences outside the home hold greater sway that parents with teenage children. TV, social media, school friends, neighborhood, video games, etc. are pressuring children to act a certain way; usually to the detriment of the child. A child usually follows along to fit in. Another point is that even children from good homes get in trouble & commit crimes. Parents should not be held responsible if they have raised their children right.

However, because of the problems teenagers cause, we should make parents responsible. First, many crimes committed by teenagers are because parents either don’t care or do not make an effort to control their kids. Second, even though children act mature, they are not either emotionally or physically ready for making wise decisions. Parents should be responsible for their raising their kids until they are fully grown. Finally, if kids know their parents have to pay, they will think twice before getting into trouble.

There many reasons why parents should or should not be responsible for their kids’ actions. However, I feel that making the parents responsible will reduce the number of crimes committed by teenagers. Finally, responsible teens will become responsible, contributing members of society and isn’t that what we want???

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