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Tell us what you’ve learned so far about daily blogging?

Daily Blogging

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I find that by writing everyday, I am practicing and practice makes perfect. It gets easier to write and that writer’s block is disappearing. My articles are beginning to get larger and having a 200+ words article is no longer a problem. I still need to get to the 500 word article as this is a requirement for most blogs. The other thing is that I include is a picture with every article and that helps in making the article more friendly, especially in this day of the internet and social media. To reach your audience, you need a pithy log & visuals.

The harder requirement is to come up with ideas on what to write. Having a list of subjects makes life easier as it removes a block. For November, I have a list from NaBloPoMo November 2013 Prompts | BlogHer by Melissa Ford. For the future, I will make a list of subjects/ideas at the beginning of the month and use that to develop articles each day. This will allow me to devote all my time and focus on writing each day.

Having weekends off makes the daily task of writing easier. I also find that by writing 2-3 articles ahead of time allows me to reflect and edit them on the day of publication; end result: a better article for publication. Not bad for the first week of writing daily for my blogs. I expect to get better at this and by month’s end be able to write easily about the subjects my readers care about.

Happy writing!!

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