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If you have been following the news about videos and the technology to deliver them, you know that we are once again in transition. The battle of brick & mortar vs. the internet has been won by the internet; streaming services such as Amazon, Netflix, Apple, Crackle, Snagfilms are the new way to see movies at home or on the road.

Now, the battle is being waged in the delivery method. Services are being delivered via a set top box such as Roku, via a computer (laptop) or finally a TV; with the consumer as the winner. Each time I sign to Roku, I check the store and find new services are available. You can get recorded shows from just about every segment: news, magazines, technology websites & now the major networks (CNN, ABC, NBC, etc). Fox has one better, live streaming news from 9am-3pm. You no longer need cable to access news and other live shows. You can get recorded shows on the internet & use your laptop to view them.
I hear a buzz that Apple is working on a new HDTV to launch by end of 2012 (just in time for the holidays). It will be just like the iPad except a 42 inch screen. A smart TV that will have SIRI, understand voice commands, hand signals, have YouTube & Netflix innate apps, access the web, use your iPhone or iPad as remotes & you can view your pix/videos like the iPad. The buzz is that Apple is working with two Canadian networks to offer the service. It can replace your TV, Roku, Xbox or viewing in your laptop. Apple is bringing their might to the living room. I also hear that Google might enter the arena as well.
In just a few years, we will truly have the future here as smart appliances finally make the transition from sci-fi to reality. Imagine the applications that can be accessed by a smart TV that will make our lives easier & free us to pursue other endeavors. The dreams of Steve Jobs and other people going back to the fifties will become a reality. But no matter who wins, the final winner will be the consumer, who can access information right from the living room with smart appliances that can take directions verbally and better, that can learn your habits and present intelligent choices for you before your ask for them. What a future!!

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