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Video DeliveryIf you have been following the trends in the video space you know that things are changing as we speak.

Not long ago, you went to a video store & rented VHS cassettes to watch movies that were out on video. To watch recently released movies, you went to a theater. It seems technology took a turn somewhere & we are now able to watch movies, as soon as they are released, on our TV’s or the hardware of our choice: smart-phones, tablets, TV with Roku or a TV controller, cable service, or online through a number of services. Along the way, we have witnessed the death of many a company or product as technology continue to make leaps & bounds. The latest is Netflix (which stumbled as they were separating DVD’s & streaming). Blockbuster went bankrupt, Amazon, Apple & Google are working hard to deliver audio, video, books through their services using their own hardware / software.

All good news to the consumer as the services become ubiquitous. Able to deliver when you want them, where you want them. I think that is the key to success & the key as to which company will persevere. Deliver the goods when/where you (the customer) want them. Make it as easy as possible to get the videos & don’t charge a lot to deliver it. Apple offers their services through their iPhone, iPad  or iPod. Amazon has launched their own version of the tablet today to deliver their services (books, movies, audio). Make it easy for the customer & make him dependent on your services.

If you have a Roku box, you can see the plethora of apps delivering services through their service. All you need is a TV, internet connection & a small Roku box. Get free movies through a free service such as Crakle and others (ads supported) or pay small  monthly fee & get services through Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu Plus, or HBO. Amamzon and Apple aso sell and rent movies through their sites.

We are living though an amazing time & it will get better as more information is available on the web/Internet. What is key is getting affordable internet connection to all the world. This will enable us to educate all the masses using the medium available.  The dreams that people like my Mother had back in the seventies are becoming a reality. We need to usher this reality in the best way to make it accessible to all.

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