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Palmetto man to be freed from prison after DNA tests clear him in ’92 rape

Palmetto man convicted of raping a woman in ’93 had his conviction was overturned last week & he was set free this past Monday.

Williams is the 13th person exonerated through DNA tests in Florida and the 268th man nationwide. The use the DNA to exonerate people in prison who claim innocence has been done since the creation of “The Innocence Project” in 1992. There are Clinics in most US Law schools which devote time, resources & energy to fighting for a new day in court for these prisoners. Williams is the latest example of a person wrongly convicted & imprisoned. I don’t know the cause for these false convictions: They run the gamut of wrongly accused, picked from line-up, another inmate accused them, false confessions, incompetence of police, circumstantial evidence, police/DA corruption, etc. The fact remains that we need a tighter process for convictions that leaves no room for error.

For more information, please visit my page on the Innocence Project and its many links within that page.

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