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There’s a big public library literally across the street from the park where I go everyday for a walk.  It literally is across the street  so I usually go in browse the shelves, the new section & the movies. I spend time reading magazines & the daily newspapers as well.

I grew up in this town and while I was attending school, I remember getting books out of the library every week. My parents encouraged reading, so I grew up appreciating books & the library. During High School, the library became the place to do research, study for exams & write term papers. I have a library card that I got when I first arrived in this country & I have always renewed it so it is almost 50 years old. It is a badge of honor to have something that still works after 50 years.

I also found that our recycling center in town has a shed with used books which people can peruse & take home. Most people, including myself, will donate the books back after finished with them. It is recycling in its true sense, the books are read & reread by  a lot of people over the years. We also contribute books that we have bought & read and wish to share with others. This is run by volunteers who donate their time to ensure the books are shelved & that everything is kept neat & tidy. This makes the recycling center almost as good as a small library.

The library in our town has several branches & lots of books, movies & audios. We can borrow from any branch & can keep the books for up to 3 weeks. The titles are varied and you can find a book on any subject. You can track your borrowings online & can actually renew online.

My kids have inherited my wife’s & my love for reading. They both read for school and also for fun. I find that reading really expands the mind, exposes you to times & places you have not visited & literally transports there.

I think that ensuring each city & town has a good library is a good investment by the local government. It enables people who otherwise do not have the resources or the time to invest in books, to read the latest books & stay up to date. It actually is a place to spend time which is truly free, does not cost anything & it is healthy for both your mind and body.

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