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AccomplishmentWhat accomplishment are you most proud of?

Designed, developed, tested and deployed a web-based Sales Customer Relationship Management system to about 20 countries and 200 users for a Fortune 500 company. The system was using a turnkey web application for tracking clients and a pipeline of potential clients and sales opportunities my international sales team was involved in.

Planning this project was a big task as it involved signing a contract, developing the specs, meeting with the contractors, and ensuring data was transferred & tested correctly from various existing databases in different countries. We had an aggressive schedule but were able to deliver the project as planned. I traveled to several countries to test the new software and train key personnel in the sales force and sales operations in each country.  Once testing was done and we were satisfied of the data, the final product was delivered in the local language, currency and with the screens critical for capturing the key information on our existing and potential clients. There was final testing and training and the product went live in country by country.

The rest of the training proceeded as scheduled and the launch of the new tool was accomplished in record time. We were able to deliver the new tool on time and under budget. This accomplishment is the one I am most proud of as it was a big undertaking and my team delivered.

What is your greatest accomplishment??

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