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What is your favorite hour of the day?

For me, the most favorite hour of the day is when I wake up. I like to go to my study, read the news, have a cup of coffee and enjoy the quiet solitude of the morning. Then, I change to my walking clothes & shoes and I go for a morning walk. I have been doing this for most of this year and I’m finding that an early morning exercise is good for the body and soul.  I have time to plan the day, reflect on the things I need to focus on, and come up with solutions for issues I have both on a professional and personal basis.

I walk most days and I usually use a different route each day, so I get to explore all parts of town within walking distance from my house. I have a schedule of 2 hours of walking which allows me to walk for 4-6 miles each day and by varying the route, I get a new scenery each day. I love walking in the woods so I usually end up going to one of the local parks such as Pomerance, Mianus Maze, or Montgomery Park. Once inside the park  I can usually walk about 4 miles without meeting another soul. During the spring and summer mornings I was able to see wild turkeys, a large buck and a coyote. Usually the last two are rare so that was a bonus treat. Exploring my town on foot is a great treat as I learn street names, how they are connected and have time to admire the houses, the neighborhoods, the shoreline, the brooks, the lakes, the parks, etc. I try to stay on side streets to minimize encountering traffic. In my neck of the woods, so close to Manhattan, the traffic in the mornings is heavy so side streets or the local parks are a better options for walks and safety. Not to mention breathing fresh air not tainted by the exhaust of all those cars.

When I started walking seriously back in May, I had a goal of walking 800 miles by year end. By the end of October I had already achieved the 800 miles and now have a new target of 1,000 miles by year end. I probably will achieve this new target as I’m already past the 900 mile mark as of this morning

My daily walking started as a way to lose weight and I’m accomplishing that. Also, it has allowed me to change my whole way of life so that I eat better, eat less, exercise more, have lots more energy, and finally accomplish losing weight. My body is getting leaner and I’m feeling a lot healthier both physically and mentally. I also find that some of my senses such as the sense of smell, sight and hearing are improving. I attribute that to the exercise and fresh air I get every day. One of the extra benefits of this quest. All in all, the benefits are great.

So, for me, my favorite hour of the day has allowed me to change my whole way of being and for that I’m grateful. I cherish the daily routine and the chance to meditate, plan during that hour in the morning.


What is your favorite hour of the day??

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