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Tell us about your first friend.

bridget-irving (619x800)This one is a hard one for me as I moved around a lot while I was growing up. I lived for short periods of time in more cities I care to remember before I was twelve years old. I made a lot of friends but I did not have a best friend until I hit high school.But my first friends were probably my first cousins who were just around my age. I was 7 at the time and Marcelo was a year older and Juan Carlos was a year younger. I lived with them and their family for about 3 years in two different cities. We did things together as small boys are wont to do. We went to school together, played after school together. Worked in the same menial jobs together and did errands for our elders together.

I remember living in this small city (Ambato, Ecuador) and I lived with my Uncle and his family at the time. We had severl cousins, of different ages, who lived next door and we used to pal around every day and do things together as friends do. That included going out at night and cruising the streets with our bigger cousins , when they included us in their plans. Life was good and we enjoyed daring each other to do harmless stuff such as walking on a cemetery at night. I remember getting to the middle of the cemetery and getting so spooked that we ran home as fast as we could and didn’t talk about it ever.

After that time, I moved away to another city and soon after left the province and finally the country so I never got to see them again. But I always remember them as being my best friends during that time.

Who was your first friend?

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