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TodsTod’s point is the name of our local beach and park. In addition to the beach, there are trails, woods, yacht club, picnic areas and areas for fishing. And, there’s is the secret garden.

The secret garden has its small citizens: chipmunks, squirrels, and lots of birds. The deer stay outside as the garden has a wall and gates. It has lots of flowers and the view to the sea. There are benches to sit, nooks and corners to hide and a pebbled path to walk and meditate on. There are some stone statues from the East and the West.

The garden is always very quiet and empty and it’s a wonderful place to sit and ponder the meaning of life or just rest while reading a good book.

In this small peninsula, you will find all kinds of wild life including deer. I still wonder how they got into the point as there is only one way in or out; and, that entrance is gated and closed at night. Somehow they found their way in and now are permanent residents of Tod’s point. I find that the deer there are pretty tame and you can come upon them around any corner. They will be startled but will not run away. One day last year I saw a buck and three does. They were not afraid and stayed to stare at me while I was walking around them.

Tod’s point and its secret garden are one of my favorite places to walk.

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