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Name five things in your toolbox and what do they do

This is easy as I use all of them on a regular basis and I don’t own many of them. I would like to mention the following five items from my toolbox: pair of pliers, screwdriver, hammer, hand saw, and measuring tape. These are probably the most essential tools to have in a household so that you can fix almost anything that is broken.

The pliers are probably the most versatile and used tool in the home. It can used to pry nails, tighten and loosen screws and nuts, loosen tight jars with small necks and pipes that refuse to budge. Anything that needs loosening or tightening can be aided by a pair of pliers.
A screwdriver is a key tool for a home. You need both a straight and phillips screwdrivers. Most screws that need a screwdriver fall into either category. Be they wood, metal or machine or sheet metal screw. You need both types and several sizes to tackle any job that needs a screwdriver. You can fix things or put things together using screws and a handy screwdriver to screw them in.
A basic hammer is another key tool for your toolbox. Make sure is sturdy as you will use it to hang paintings, loosen that rusted screw, ice from your walk or roof, hang up Christmas lights, nail loose siding or roof shingles, a new mailbox, etc. The hammer has many functions and you cannot be without one. Make sure you also have nails of various sizes as well as picture hangers and wire. Any home needs pictures in frames that are hung in every room and hallway. The handy hammer can help you accomplish that.
A basic hand saw and miter box is another tool that is used a lot around the house. You can saw pieces of wood for the shed, work on that fence that needs mending, replace the trim around the floor, the outer door or fix the spare bedroom closet. Any wood that needs cutting needs a basic hand saw; fitting that new baseboard, fixing the door in the shed, or replacing the door to the garbage shed. If you are handy, you would get more saws such as a circular, band, or jigsaw but basically you need a hand saw to start with.
Finally, the measuring tape. Another tool that is used for a lot things that need measuring such a wood to be cut, the door being replaced, the new arbor being built or the fence that needs replacing. A good measuring tale is essential to the homeowner.
There are many other basic tools that need to be in your home such as sockets sets, ratchet sets, levels, chisels, wrench sets, open ended wrenches, drill and bits, sanders, miter saws, hand tools, and power tools, etc. However, this is the basic toolbox for the homeowner whether in a house, condo or an apartment. There are many jobs that cannot be accomplished without these five tools.
What is in your toolbox?

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