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VetsAs I was walking around town this morning, I passed a memorial to the veterans of foreign wars in Cos Cob, CT. I stopped and reflected there for a few minutes what this memorial means to the town, the veterans, the residents, my family and to me. The memorial is located close to the Cos Cob train station, across the street from the Holly House. Knowing it is Veteran’s Day, I stopped to reflect. I have 3 brothers who served in the Vietnam War, and this is their day as well as a special day for all the Veterans alive and dead. The memorial commemorates all the people from our town who served in all the wars but it reflects a small token of our debt of gratitude to them and to all the veterans who gave their time, their wounds or their life to defend this country. This is the one day of the year that we officially thank our veterans for their service. The veterans of this country have a long history of defending this country from its enemies.

It is vital that each one of us honor their memory by ensuring we never forget their contribution. Without them and their commitment, we would not have a free America. America is strong because our young people are not afraid to serve and defend their country. I know our vets from our last two conflicts are being recognized and helped a lot more for their service, it was not always the case. Our Korean vets were ignored, our Vietnam Veterans were ostracized, ignored, called bad names. It was a time when the country was divided. People were for the war and some people were against it. Once Nixon signed Peace with the North Vietnamese in 1973. All our kids came home and go on with their lives. But, we survived that crisis and will do so again. Now, our current vets need our help to find jobs and be integrated back into our society. Today, we honor them,  and everyday we should help them become part of our mainstream society, our great country.

May God protect our Vets. Happy Veterans Day!!


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