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The Joys of Walking

I find that I enjoy walking for several reasons: daily exercise, fresh air, a time for thinking & planning, commune with nature, get to know my town, and lose weight.

The walking bug hit me last year around June. I was overweight, looking for a way to lose it, nothing was working and I was beginning to get serious health issues. I decide one day to start walking early in the morning. At about 5 am, I got dressed, got my sneakers and went out the door. I have not looked back since. That was about 8 months ago and I have lost a lot of weight. But I find that the benefits to walking are even more dramatic. My health is getting better, I can breathe a lot easier, I can exercise longer, and getting around is better.

The best way to exercise is to find a passion and do it everyday. I walk everyday whether is for 1 hour or two. I try not to measure how long I walk or how many miles I accomplish. I do have a yearly goal and track that. Last year, I reached my goal of 1200 miles by year end. I found that I was walking an average of 5 miles a day and missed very few days. This year, I have another goal of 1200 miles and I try not to miss many days but the winter has been hard and some days I cannot walk due to the snow on the roads.

This morning there was black ice on the sidewalks and streets and very difficult to walk at a normal pace. But I still went out and walked. The key to any goal is to do it everyday, no matter how little but you accomplish and things get easier as time goes on. I also find it that if I don’t walk, I miss it.

I have ingrained this daily task into my being and I find that it has helped me to achieve other goals that I had to do such as better heath, stronger body, lose weight, plan the day, etc. I also read that exercise is the key to aging gracefully and healthier. I firmly believe it and find that it is helping me achieve that.

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