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How does one start to write 50,000 words in one month??? You start by writing about 2,000 words a day, of course. Let’s see how long it takes me to write 2000 words in one day. I’m not a fast typist by trade as I use about 3 fingers no thumbs & generally make a lot of mistakes along the way. A novel is defined as a lengthy work of fiction. No autobiographies here, please!!! The contest is during the month of November & it is open to everyone. See website for participation & rules.

A lot of rules, a lot of pressure to finish the job in one month and what do you get at the end of the contest:  inclusion in the winner’s page, winner’s certificate & a web badge.  I have been writing about 10 minutes & I find that I have achieved two paragraphs & 125 words. Another minute went by checking my progress.

Let’s see how many words in one hour of writing a day. I officially started at 4:10pm. I’m checking my spelling, not so much my syntax as that would take a long time. I need to check on the subject as I don’t want to do an Ulysses novel like James Joyce. Stream of consciousness does not attract me. What I would get after writing for a month would be better memory, better spelling, faster more accurate typing, a lot of good ideas, ability to form thoughts that make sense, the satisfaction that I finished something on time, etc.  This way, I can get a finished product which can be published with minimal editing.

Now to pick a subject that I’m familiar with: investigating, nature & animals,  web editing, marketing, finance, retirement, non-profits, documentary filmmaking?? Travel around the world, did when young but have not done much since. Lots of business travel but didn’t see much of the countries. Fly, stay at hotel, work long hours at the office, go out to dinner, go back to the hotel, sleep, do the same thing the next day, go home before the weekend. I better pick something I have done often enough during my life that I can write without getting writer’s block & so I’m able to finish that novel in 30 days.

The medium should be something you are comfortable with such as Microsoft Word, Google docs, or another word creating software. The ideas should be your own and you should write a lot each day to ensure you finish on time. I have been writing 30 minutes & I checked again: 467 words. Not bad, perhaps writing 2 hours each day, we can accomplish the 50,000 words in one month. I am posting this blog into my website to see how my viewers feel about writing. Good luck!! 

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