Writing a Blog

Q: Tell us about your writing space. Where do you write your blog posts?

I usually write blogs by picking a subject I know about and writing it. I start by having a list of ideas and save them to Evernote. I pick a subject and start writing. Once I finish the story, I proof it and rewrite it as necessary.I pick an image to go with it and post it into my website. Usually the stoyr gets posted in my websites (Best Future Lawyers & Go-Boomers). And I use social media to let people know I have published a new story.

The need for a storyline usually keeps me from writing often and I end up with a story a month or even less. I have writer’s block like everyone else. To improve on my writing, I am using a list of subjects for November. Hopefully I will write everyday and as they say, practice makes perfect. By month’s end I should be writing fast, efficiently and without writer’s block.

Wish me luck in my quest to become a better writer. Be sure to check my websites for that daily blog during November and beyond.



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