Law Libraries – A Law Library is the primary site for study and research for the law school community – law students, professors, local judiciary, and the public seeking legal information. It provides vital, timely, and efficient library services to them and the community at large.

This webpage is dedicated to promoting and enhancing the value of law libraries to the legal and public communities. As such, these institutions provide a timely and up-to-date database of textbooks, reference books, circulars, and other resources that fill the needs of their constituencies such as law students, practicing lawyers and the judiciary in each community. At each law school, the law library provides 21st century access to legal history,  knowledge, repository & information that supports each law student’s pursuit in law school and beyond. Each Law Library is unique and offers a blend of historical, legal & judicial knowledge. This page attempts to provide a portal to the Top 14 law libraries & a few more.

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For more information on the various Law Libraries & the type of information, media & services offered at each of the Top 14 Law Schools, please follow the links below to their own websites.

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