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The notion that all lawyers should aspire to render some legal services without fee or expectation of fee for the good of the public (pro bono publico) is deeply ingrained in the legal profession. Pro-Bono is derived from the Latin “pro bono publico,” which means “for the public good.” The American Bar Association (ABA) in its Model Rule 6.1 encourages all lawyers to aspire to render, without fee, at least 50 hours annually of Pro-Bono legal services. The ABA Center for Pro-Bono is the national source of information, resources and assistance to support, facilitate, and expand the delivery of pro bono legal assistance.

Below is a link to each Pro-Bono program at the Top 14 Law Schools. For more information on the various programs offered at each school, please follow the link to their website.

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Top 14 Programs

Other Programs

  • UCLA Pro-Bono Program
  • Pace Pro-Bono Program
  • Roger Williams Pro-Bono Program
  • Fordham Pro-Bono Program