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There’s a big public library literally across the street from the park where I go everyday for a walk.  It literally is across the street  so I usually go in browse the shelves, the new section & the movies. I spend time reading magazines & the daily newspapers as well.

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It seems nowadays that the government has gone regulation mad. I read the case of thechild that was stopped from eating her healthy sandwich lunch a while back. The school thought that giving her chicken nuggets was far healthier than eating a turkey & cheese sandwich.

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RecyclingOne of my pledges for 2013 is to create a smaller footprint in our lives. To that end, we have been recycling all things that we can. I find that we have cut back in the amount of garbage we generate. We are saving more recycling and taking it to our town recycling center about twice a week. The town has changed their program to include all recycling streams together making it easier to recycle more. Below, I have listed steps that make it easier to recycle and create a smaller footprint in your house.

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College graduates are graduating with higher debt owed on their degrees, the average debt has topped $25,000 according to CNN Money article.

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There are people living in Galapagos?, you might ask. Yes, there are! Galapagos Archipelago is 600 miles from the coast of South America, right on the Equator line & is a province of Ecuador. The islands are famous because of Charles Darwin. He visited them back in the 1800’s  & their flora & fauna were instrumental in his developing his theory of evolution. The Darwin finches with their beaks are one of the key elements of his theory.

The Galapagos Archipelago is composed of 18 major islands, lots of smaller islets & plenty of rocks. The islands are young in the evolutionary cycle and are thought to be no more than 5 millions years old. The Unesco & the Ecuadorian government formed a natural preserve back in 1964 and they have done a great job of keeping them pristine for study & future generations.

I was lucky enough to live in the Islands during the 1960’s & I have fond memories of that time. I lived in Puerto Ayora in the island of Santa Cruz (one of the major islands with people). There are people who live in 4 large Islands but the rest are not populated. There are plenty of domestic animals introduced by the Spanish of roaming bands of sailors, which have roamed wild & in instances destroyed the indigenous animals as they compete for food or destroy the young.

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Great pictures of the sea animals in Galapagos from Pat’s journal – Visiones de Galápagos

My memories of the years I spent there will be the subject of future blogs: favorite beach, working at the Charles Darwin Foundation, one room school, Santa Cruz, my favorite island, flora & fauna, etc.