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Looking at the uprisings in the Middle East region, we see a number of countries (19 Middle East & No African countries – Wikipedia article & pictures) who are protesting their condition with their own governments. What terrorism (Al Qaida, etc) or the West’s incursions to Iraq, Afghanistan could not do, these uprisings are accomplishing. It has been largely peaceful (Egypt, Algeria) or violent (Syria, Libya) but they are forcing change to the status quo. What emerges from these uprisings will determine the future of the region & the world.

These young people are protesting their condition & the condition of their people. Freedom of expression, jobs, opportunity, share of the wealth, share of power; they are looking for these freedoms and more. Young people of today know how the other side lives because of the media, TV, internet, social media are showing these young people what others have or can attain in other parts of the world and they want it too. This is good, as long as no one hijacks the ideals of the revolution for their own ends.

Organizations such as Al Qaida will be looking to dominate these and they must not be allowed to. The UN must continue to monitor and ensure no despot is allowed to kill their own citizens such as in Lybia. Freedom calls enable a country to reflect the will of its people. People must be able to attain their destiny.

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