Egypt’s cry for freedom

Looking at the events unfolding in Egypt, I’m reminded of what the people of Egypt want. What people in any country want. A chance to make a good life for themselves, their children and their generations. When you talk to someone who immigrated to the US, they will tell you that they are thankful for America, thankful for the land where dreams come true. You work hard, save money, ensure your kids go to school and each generation does better than the last one. That is th American dream. Egypt, the rest of the Middle East and the rest of the world want that as well. As long as one person in power forgets that, that generation of people in the country will suffer. Mubarak leaving now creates a power vacuum. Each leader needs to plan for the eventual transfer of power and ensure that he has a strong bench of replacements. The leader can encourage that by having strong aides, ministers. Also a strong opposition leader. Encouraging other parties and encouraging a strong parliament as well as judicial branch. The strong US constitution and our strong belief in preserving it are testament to the strength of this republic. What each of the Middle East countries need to do is to incubate good leaders and ensure they are ready to take over. Anarchy and darkness are not a replacement for Egypt or any other country. The time for peace and growth are now. What can the US do now?Encourage the people of Egypt to express themselves, ensure there is caretaker government until elections are called. Ensure there’s fair elections and recognize and help the new government. Otherwise, the forces of evil will win and we will have another dark age in the Middle East, starting with Egypt.



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